B2FIVE fans will be able to pre-order some of the limited editions online (when applicable)

How do Pre-order products work?

Preorder products are always paid in full up front. If we offer a product that is available for preorder, we will guarantee that item is going to arrive. If for some reason it doesn't, we will refund the purchase. Most of the time, the preorders we offer are made in limited editions and is one of the reasons we require full payment. 


I want to purchase an Preorder item with stock item - but cannot put them into one shopping cart, why?

Preorder items usually require longer production leadtime and thus the shipment date will be later than the stock item. Preorder items and stock items will have to have separate shipments. In order to cater two separate shipments, YOU CAN ONLY PURCHASE "STOCK ITEM" AND "PREORDER ITEM" IN TWO SEPARATE TRANSACTIONS. Items that are available in stock will be shipped immediately, while preorder item will be shipped per the scheduled shipment date (as shown on the product info tab).